“Gazohim Techno” Addressed the Meeting of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI)             

On 31st of October in the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) there took place the meeting of the workgroup of the ASI expert council “Business Projects”. At the meeting OOO “Gazohim Techno” took the floor with the innovative project “Commercialization of the Mini-GTL™ Technology». This project provides monetization of associated/natural petroleum gas of small and medium deposits. As a result of the meeting of the “Business Projects” workgroup the mini-GTL™ project was acknowledged as a leading one and won experts’ approval for support of the Agency.

Decision of the expert council: Reference to ASI and the interview of the General Director of OOO “Gazohim Techno” in ASI: 



“Gazohim Techno” Presented the Technology of Natural Gas Processing into Synthetic Oil at the Conference in Yakutsk  

“Gazohim Techno” presented the technology of natural gas conversion into synthetic oil to further obtain boiler and diesel fuel. The Mini-GTLтм technology will allow to solve the problem of high-priced oil fuel transported to the region. Representatives of government authorities, scientific community, large industrial enterprises took part in the conference.


The “Gazohim Techno” Company Made a Report at the Ad Hoc Meeting in the Ministry of Natural Resources RF about the Possibility of Application of Pilot Mini-GTLтм  Plant for Processing of Associated Petroleum Gas into Synthetic Oil at the Oil Fields

Evgeniy Ryabov, Business Development Director, made report at the meeting in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology RF dedicated to realization of Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 8 November, 2012 № 1148 «About peculiarities of calculation of the fee for pollutant emissions being formed while associated petroleum gas (APG) flaring and/or dispersing”. 


The First Stage of Design of Pilot Mini-GTL™ Plant Is Completed                         

The first stage of design of the pilot mini-GTL™ plant for conversion of natural/associated hydrocarbonaceous gases into synthetic liquid hydrocarbons with 10 mln cubic meters of feedstock capacity is completed.  General engineering solutions are developed. Rated capacity of product yield is of up to 5 500 tonnes of synthetic oil per year.  

“Gazohim Techno” Attracted an Investor                                                       

In February 2013 there took place signing of the documentation package concerning entering ALLTEC Group into Mini-GTL™ project. Thus the company gained a new partner that will bring not only significant financial resources but as well key expertize of business construction in the gas-and-oil industry, gas chemistry, marketing and innovation management.