Contract for Delivery of Microchannel Reactor and Fischer-Tropsch Catalyst 

The contract for manufacture and delivery of equipment was entered into after six-month technical and economical audit of Fischer-Tropsch reactor package that was offered by the technologic partner of “Gazohim Techno” for incorporation into the mini-GTL plant, and completion of commercial negotiations.

The capacity of the reactor package fed with “Gazohim Techno” synthesis gas is of up to 5,000 tonnes of synthetic hydrocarbons per year.  

The microchannel design reactor characteristics are confirmed at a testing site in Europe and on oil fields of South America.

The combination of the innovative “Gazohim Techno” technology for synthesis gas obtaining with synthesis of hydrocarbons in the microchannel reactor allows to achieve in principle better indicators of economic effectiveness of gas feedstock processing at small and medium plants.

Despite the conventional Fischer-Tropsch synthesis technologies that were evaluated at a scale of processing of billions of cubic meters of gas per year, the mini-GTL™ technology allows to effectively process the volumes of associated and natural gas in the interval of 40-200 mln m3 per year.

Moreover, in some specific situations this technology is found to be effective for mineral resource users with processing volumes starting from 10-20 mln m3 of gas per year. 


Two Months of Successfully Testing of Partial Oxidation Reactor 

Another public demonstration of the new-design partial oxidation reactor took place on the 16th of January, 2014 at the test base of the RF State Research Centre of FSUE “NAMI”.

During the whole testing cycle launched on the 1st of November, 2013 the new-design reactor was confirming all the calculated parameters producing synthesis gas steadily with Н2:СО = 2:1 ratio that is needed for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.

Testing of the reactor is to be continued in February at its maximum power with the gas-flow rate of 100 m3/h (up to 0,87 mln m3 per year).

The successful and steady operation of the reactor is confirmed by the measured data and test record sheets. 


“Gazohim Techno” Continues Public Demonstration of New-Design Partial Oxidation Reactor           

On 19th of December, 2013 the public testing of the new-design partial oxidation reactor was continued at the test base of the RF State Research Centre of FSUE “NAMI”.

Representatives of oil-and-gas companies (OAO “RITEK”, OAO “NOVATEK”, OAO “NK ALIANS”, OOO “Nobel Oil”, OAO “NEFTISA”, OOO “BlueLine”), senior management of “Skolkovo” foundation,  investors of the project and representatives of industry mass media were invited to the demonstration of the new equipment.

The tests conducted have shown that the partial oxidation reactor had produced synthesis gas with Н2:СО = 2:1 ratio and conversion of feedstock gas had been of more than 99%.

Such synthesis gas is optimal for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and thus mini -GTL™ technology ensures effective conversion of associated or natural gas into synthetic oil.

A month earlier, on the 14th of November, 2013, public demonstration has been held for experts from OAO “NK “ROSNEFT”: Gas Business Development Department, Scientific and Technical Development and Innovations Direction and its subsidiary OOO “United Centre of Research and Developments” (OOO “RN CIR”).

Public testing is to be continued in January, 2014.

Any company of gas-and-oil sector interested in mini-GTL plants employment may take part and sign test record sheets.  Send, please, proposals to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The stage of synthesis gas obtaining is the first stage of many large-scale productions – of methanol, ammonia, synthetic oil.

2/3 of expenditures for constructing and maintenance of a modern factory is accounted for equipment used to obtain synthesis gas. OOO “Gazohim Techno”, the “Skolkovo” resident, has developed the technology for synthesis gas producing, which allows to reduce costs of synthesis gas obtaining by several times.


“Gazohim Techno” Reported about Work Progress at Presidium of Council for Economic Modernization and Innovative Development of Russia 

Sergey Dolinskiy, the General Director of OOO “Gazohim Techno”, on the 22nd of November, 2013, addressed the meeting of the Presidium of the Council for Economic Modernization and Innovative Development of Russia in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency. 

The reporter told about the progress of the works on implementation of an innovation development in the field of energy efficiency production – mini-GTLтм plant. Questions about organizational support of the project on the part of development institutions and government companies were also touched upon.

The mini-GTLтм plant is the only cost-efficient solution for utilization of associated petroleum gas of small and medium remote deposits. The product of processing of associated gas – synthetic oil – may be mixed up and transported together with conventional oil. Mini-GTLтм plant ensures monetization of gas in the extraction range of 50 – 200 mln m3/year.

Implementation of the GTL technology in the next 5-7 years will allow to reduce APG flaring by 8 bln m3 per year and additionally produce up to 5 mln tonnes of oil.

In the words of the Prime Minister of RF Dmitriy Medvedev, “The subject of energy saving, energy efficiency has yet been prioritized in the year of 2008. It is really about all spheres of life and obviously if properly organized should produce a very significant effect. Competitiveness, financial stability, energy and ecological safety of our country depend upon the results of activities on energy saving, and energy efficiency and energy saving is a key priority in the government activities”. 

Reference to the meeting of the Presidium on RF Government portal:

Reference to Sergey Dolinskiy’s speech at the meeting of the Presidium of the of Council for Economic Modernization and Innovative Development of Russia:

Successful Testing of the New-Design Partial Oxidation Reactor Was Held in the Presence of an Independent Commission      

The first public testing of the new-design enlarged partial oxidation reactor was held on the 14th of November, 2013 in the presence of an independent commission at the test base of the RF State Research Centre of FSUE “NAMI” in the mode of 10% of nominal capacity (the flowrate of natural gas of up to 10.0 m3/h).

The results obtained during the testing confirmed that with air excess coefficient α = 0.3-0.4 in the interval of natural gas (7.0-10.0 m3/h) and air (20.0-40.0 m3/h) flowrates the reactor of partial oxidation steadily produced synthesis gas with the Н2 to СО = 2:1 ratio needed for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.

The conversion of feedstock gas was in all modes not less than 98%.

The testing was attended by representatives of the organizations listed below: GNC RF FSUE “NAMI”, OOO “Gazohim Techno”, OAO “NK “ROSNEFT” (Gas Business Development Department and Scientific and Technical Development and Innovations Direction), OOO “United Centre of Research and Developments” (OOO “RN CIR”), and OOO “NIPI MIAP”.