Business journal, November 2013

The head of OOO «Gazohim Techno» Sergey Dolinskiy feels that in Russia it’s a high time to stop to flare associated gas. It is much more properly to convert it into the good old oil – and to do it right nearby wells. 

Kommersant, 21.06.2013

Russia, being the leader in oil production, keeps the first place in the world in atmosphere pollution as well. According to different estimates, every year in our country there are up to 25 bln cubic meters of associated petroleum gas (APG) being burned in so-called flares. There could be no so close attention of Russian petroleum companies to this problem if the government had not been taken administrative measures enforcing gas utilization during last few years. But until recent times there existed no profitable technologies for APG processing on small fields.

Rusenergy, 24.06.2013 “Gazohim Techno” negotiates with LUKoil and ТНК-ВР (affiliate of Rosneft) collaboration in production of synthetic fuel with the use of gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology. This is reported by rcc quoting Sergey Dolinskiy, General Director of “Gazohim Techno”, cited by Interfax.