Gazohim Techno Made Report about Progress of Experimental Industrial Mini-GTL™ Plant Construction on Conference “Gas Monetisation in Russia and CIS”

In the course of the first day of the conference “Gas Monetisation in Russia and CIS” (29.10.2014) the construction by “Gazohim Techno” of the experimental industrial mini-GTL™ plant was repeatedly mentioned in the reports and discussions of the delegates as an important milestone on the road towards gas monetisation in Russia and CIS.

Taking into account high interest of the participants in this project the hosts of the conference invited “Gazohim Techno” to make a detailed report about the technology and course of the construction. On the 30th of October Dolinskiy S. E., General Director of “Gazohim Techno”, in details covered the progress of the Experimental Industrial Mini -GTL™ Plant constructionon one of the deposits of RF and answered numerous questions of the professional attendees.

The conference participants were the representatives of oil-and-gas and refinery companies as well as developers and licensors of gas chemistry technologies (Sibur, Gasprom, Rosneft, Novatech, GNKAR, Turkmengas, Haldor Topsoe, Velocys, CompactGTL and others).