Contract Concluded for Manufacturing of Partial Aerial Oxidation Reactor (POX reactor) Intended  for Incorporation into Experimental Industrial Mini -GTL™ Plant

The reactor processing capacity is of 1,200 m3 of associated petroleum or natural gas per hour.  The operating flexibility is in the range of -40% to +10% of rated capacity. The overall throughput is scaled up by increasing the amount of the reactors incorporated in a mini-GTL™ plant.

In terms of design, this reactor falls into the 4th generation of apparatuses of such kind, and it was designed with the results of scaling and testing of industrial POX reactors prototypes kept in mind. The testing cycle of the РОХ reactor of the previous generation is held at the testing site of the Scientific Research Automobile and Engine Institute “NAMI” in Moscow since November 13th, 2013. Test record sheets of the prototype are signed by representatives of Russian oil-and-gas companies.

There were six vendors who tendered for manufacturing of the reactor. The tender was won by the “Khimicheskiye sistemy” engineering company from Yekaterinburg. The contractor is focused on the design and manufacturing of customized non-standard devices and apparatuses for chemical industries including gas-cleaning, column and reactor equipment, high-pressure vessels and apparatuses.

Earlier, “Gazohim Techno” entered into the contracts for manufacturing and delivery of the microchannel Fischer-Tropsch reactor as well as other main equipment for experimental industrial mini-GTL™ plant.