Contract for Delivery of Microchannel Reactor and Fischer-Tropsch Catalyst 

The contract for manufacture and delivery of equipment was entered into after six-month technical and economical audit of Fischer-Tropsch reactor package that was offered by the technologic partner of “Gazohim Techno” for incorporation into the mini-GTL plant, and completion of commercial negotiations.

The capacity of the reactor package fed with “Gazohim Techno” synthesis gas is of up to 5,000 tonnes of synthetic hydrocarbons per year.  

The microchannel design reactor characteristics are confirmed at a testing site in Europe and on oil fields of South America.

The combination of the innovative “Gazohim Techno” technology for synthesis gas obtaining with synthesis of hydrocarbons in the microchannel reactor allows to achieve in principle better indicators of economic effectiveness of gas feedstock processing at small and medium plants.

Despite the conventional Fischer-Tropsch synthesis technologies that were evaluated at a scale of processing of billions of cubic meters of gas per year, the mini-GTL™ technology allows to effectively process the volumes of associated and natural gas in the interval of 40-200 mln m3 per year.

Moreover, in some specific situations this technology is found to be effective for mineral resource users with processing volumes starting from 10-20 mln m3 of gas per year.