“Gazohim Techno” Continues Public Demonstration of New-Design Partial Oxidation Reactor           

On 19th of December, 2013 the public testing of the new-design partial oxidation reactor was continued at the test base of the RF State Research Centre of FSUE “NAMI”.

Representatives of oil-and-gas companies (OAO “RITEK”, OAO “NOVATEK”, OAO “NK ALIANS”, OOO “Nobel Oil”, OAO “NEFTISA”, OOO “BlueLine”), senior management of “Skolkovo” foundation,  investors of the project and representatives of industry mass media were invited to the demonstration of the new equipment.

The tests conducted have shown that the partial oxidation reactor had produced synthesis gas with Н2:СО = 2:1 ratio and conversion of feedstock gas had been of more than 99%.

Such synthesis gas is optimal for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and thus mini -GTL™ technology ensures effective conversion of associated or natural gas into synthetic oil.

A month earlier, on the 14th of November, 2013, public demonstration has been held for experts from OAO “NK “ROSNEFT”: Gas Business Development Department, Scientific and Technical Development and Innovations Direction and its subsidiary OOO “United Centre of Research and Developments” (OOO “RN CIR”).

Public testing is to be continued in January, 2014.

Any company of gas-and-oil sector interested in mini-GTL plants employment may take part and sign test record sheets.  Send, please, proposals to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The stage of synthesis gas obtaining is the first stage of many large-scale productions – of methanol, ammonia, synthetic oil.

2/3 of expenditures for constructing and maintenance of a modern factory is accounted for equipment used to obtain synthesis gas. OOO “Gazohim Techno”, the “Skolkovo” resident, has developed the technology for synthesis gas producing, which allows to reduce costs of synthesis gas obtaining by several times.