Successful Testing of the New-Design Partial Oxidation Reactor Was Held in the Presence of an Independent Commission      

The first public testing of the new-design enlarged partial oxidation reactor was held on the 14th of November, 2013 in the presence of an independent commission at the test base of the RF State Research Centre of FSUE “NAMI” in the mode of 10% of nominal capacity (the flowrate of natural gas of up to 10.0 m3/h).

The results obtained during the testing confirmed that with air excess coefficient α = 0.3-0.4 in the interval of natural gas (7.0-10.0 m3/h) and air (20.0-40.0 m3/h) flowrates the reactor of partial oxidation steadily produced synthesis gas with the Н2 to СО = 2:1 ratio needed for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.

The conversion of feedstock gas was in all modes not less than 98%.

The testing was attended by representatives of the organizations listed below: GNC RF FSUE “NAMI”, OOO “Gazohim Techno”, OAO “NK “ROSNEFT” (Gas Business Development Department and Scientific and Technical Development and Innovations Direction), OOO “United Centre of Research and Developments” (OOO “RN CIR”), and OOO “NIPI MIAP”.