Rusenergy, 24.06.2013 “Gazohim Techno” negotiates with LUKoil and ТНК-ВР (affiliate of Rosneft) collaboration in production of synthetic fuel with the use of gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology. This is reported by rcc quoting Sergey Dolinskiy, General Director of “Gazohim Techno”, cited by Interfax.

 Mr. Dolinskiy mentioned that in august this year an agreement should be entered into with one of these companies for deployment of GTL plant at one of its facilities. He added, that the plant was to be deployed in Volgograd or Samara region.

The plant will be constructed at the expense of “Gazohim Techno”; it is planned that the plant will be put into operation in March 2015, writes Rupec.

"Engineering is in progress, the project is to be submitted to the state expert review at the end of the year ", - explained Mr. Dolinskiy.

“Gazohim Techno” jointly with Rosneft already constructs the GTL plant at the Angarsk Petrochemical Company’s facility. It is to be launched at the end of 2014. Its annual capacity is of 10 mln cubic meters of gas, and it is planned to produce 100 barrels of synthetic fuel per day.