The modern methods of utilizing associated petroleum gas demand investment in transportation infrastructure of gas or products of its processing. Mini-GTL™ technology for gas processing to obtain synthetic oil is the only technology that enables increase in profitability of oil production due to utilization of unused gas. The zero rate of mineral extraction tax on associated petroleum gas and synthetic oil allows for a higher increase of profitability of oil production than increase in the mass of commodities only due to production of synthetic oil.

Capital investments become essentially reduced due to integration of an oil treatment unit, Mini-GTL™ plant and energy generating module using APG. Thanks to the use of the unified energy generating module electric power can be supplied with the Mini-GTL™ plant and, if necessary, other oil-field equipment.

The excess heat generated by the Mini-GTL™ plant may be utilized by production processes (unified oil processing unit/unified gas processing unit) for steam generation. 

Mini-GTL™ plants do not require permanent water supply, and the design assumes no generation of liquid effluents or solid wastes in the area of their installation.