The scope of application of the Mini-GTL™ technology is determined by its virtues and advantages.

 «Remote field»

For small and medium size fields that are distant from electric grids, gas transportation infrastructure and gas processing fractionation products, the Mini-GTL™ technology may become the only cost-effective method for APG utilization or efficient way of dry stripped gas (DSG) processing.

 «Versatile production»

In the case where the location of the Mini-GTL™ plant has acceptable logistics for transportation of its production the plant can be furnished with a unit for recovery of marginal market products.

In this optional process version the plant is furnished with dewaxing unit to obtain two fractions:

- desulphurized and dearomatized solid wax, which is the source for obtaining pure and extra-pure grade wax, base oils of group III and special hydrocarbon liquids;

- «light non-sulfurous oil» - a mixture of intermediate products for producing motor fuels (diesel, gasoline and kerosene cuts).

With the possibility of transportation of intermediate products for further processing allows to make APG processing more cost-effective.

 «Profitable alternative»

So-called “strained” deposits of gas and gas condensate limit the choice of ways and methods of methane monetization. Costs and expenses for building local gas pipelines to consumers or tapping a unified system of gas supply do not allow for satisfactory profitability of gas production on such a deposit.

 The use of Mini-GTL™ technology to process strained gas is the best and most profitable alternative to the conventional variants.