Basic characteristics of the plant:

  •  Capacity of associated petroleum gas processing amounts from 10 million nm3 a year and above;
  •  Capacity of associated petroleum gas processing for generation of process electric power (in the case of an independent version) amounts from 2 million nm3 a year;
  •  Capacity of synthetic liquid hydrocarbons production amounts to 5000 t/y;
  •  Capacity of solid paraffin wax production (in the optional process version) amounts to 3 000 t/y;
  • Installation area - 40 × 60 meters.

 Operational requirements:

  • Feed gas (natural or associated petroleum gas) with minimum pressure 0.8 MPa;
  • Electric power supply voltage of 6 кW (self-generation of electric power is possible);
  • Water, condensed water (plant start-up – 10 m3); - instrumentation air; - compressed nitrogen.

Consumables produced in the process cycle of the plant:

  • compressed air;
  • steam;
  • hydrogen.