July 2013

Completion of mounting of the synthesis gas reactor in pre-production design for public testing. The planned schedule for testing – Q4 2013.

June 2013

Completion of the main engineering solutions for the experimental industrial mini-GTL™-10 plant. The Installation area of the experimental industrial plant in fully independent design comprises 35 × 75 meters.

April 2013

Beginning of design activities for creation of an experimental industrial mini-GTL™ plant with 10 million m3 capacity for approbation of the technology under the oil-field conditions. The mini-GTL™-10 plant is the basic module for scaling up the volume of APG being processed.

February 2013

ALLTECH Group became one of the shareholders of OOO Gazohim Techno. This private equity company was founded on 1993 by graduates of Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Among the business lines of this Group are: oil and gas, coal and anthracites, development of residential and commercial real estate. Oil and gas is one of the priority activities of ALLTECH. The company owns assets in Timan-Pechora region, Eastern Siberia and on Sakhalin Island. ALLTECH Group additionally explores and develops oil-and-gas fields in these regions.  

ALLTECH Group: www.alltech.ru

December 2012

Gazohim Techno Company was awarded a Skolkovo Foundation Grant.