Gazohim Techno took part in the 6th International Conference “Associated Petroleum Gas – 2015”  


An appearance of General Director of Gazohim Techno Dolinskiy S. E.  at the 6th International Conference “APG – 2015” with the report “Progress in Implementation of GTL-Plants and Possibilities in the Russian Market” took place within the framework of 3rd Session with self-explanatory name “DEVELOPMENT OF GTL AND CTL TECHNOLOGY IN ROUGH ECONOMIC REALITIES”.


The delegates with interest perceived the information about the progress in construction of the first in the RF mini-GTL™ plant. Up to date, Gazohim Techno is the only company whose technologic solutions allowed to get Russian investment and start up the construction of a pilot mini-GTL™ plant for processing of up to 12 million m3 of associated gas per year into synthetic oil on one of an oil fields of the Komi Republic. Specific conditions of oil fields of North and East of the RF including complicated product transportation, oil low cost on the field and severe climatic conditions demand from GTL equipment minimum specific capital and operational expenditure to achieve economically efficient processing of gas into synthetic oil.

Gazohim Techno’s equipment and catalysts do provide the necessary for mineral resource users performance indicators. As a result, up to date Gazohim Techno has already signed Memorandums of Understanding with the leading Russian oil companies for processing of associated petroleum gas and natural gas of gas-condensate fields to produce 17,500 barrels of synthetic oil per day that is equivalent to 35 mini -GTL™ plants of total cost more than $1.4 billion.

After a successful start-up of the pilot plant in the Komi Republic Gazohim Techno plans to occupy a significant share of the Russian market of APG processing in the niche of 10-200 million m3/year. The RF market of mini-GTL™ plants is estimated at 75-150 mini-GTL™ plants with capacity of 50‑100 million m3 of APG per year that is equivalent to investment in gas processing of up to 8 billion dollars USA (500 billion rubles in current prices) during the next 15 years.

Those who took floor during the Session “DEVELOPMENT OF GTL AND CTL TECHNOLOGY IN ROUGH ECONOMIC REALITIES” supported the tendency to build in Russia and in the world mini-GTL plants instead of giant GTL and CTL plants. The economic background of changing priorities was justified by Dean Fantazzini from Moscow School of Economics. In his report «Economics in GTL and CTL Technologies. Oil Price Downturn in 2014 and Forecast for the Future” the expert pointed out that large-tonnage GTL facilities demand huge initial investment and in 70% of such cases capital expenditure appears to be higher than the planned one approximately by 3 times. In this respect, low- and medium-tonnage facilities are not only economically feasible but allow more thorough control of project costs.